Cut the last tree, the last man dies


The rainforest has lost most of its biodiversity, and leads to desertification, Our goal to plant trees and replant trees until we mitigate the climate crisis.

Tree Education

We are committed to  educating  both the young and old why they need to plant trees, and also make them see the economic importance of trees. 

Urban Forestry

We are encouraging re-foresting and creation of green areas in urban cities that have been adversely affected by civilization and industrialisation.

Cut the last tree, the last man dies.

Think Green, Live Green !!!!

The O’Green World Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organisation whose aim is to give back to the community, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. O’Green World is poised to educate and inculcate in youths, the need for a sustained environment through the planting of trees and campaign against deforestation. We are also actively committed to empowering the youths for the sake of our tomorrow.